I had the chance to participate to the show “Kamuy Lumina” for Moment Factory as a Character Designer. And this summer I flew to Japan’s Hokkaido island to experience the show we created together. Kamuy Lumina is the reteling of a traditional Ainu song about the journey of a Jay Bird travelling through the realm of the Kamuy.

Here it is ! Smokey Town is alive !! A huge thank you to everyone at Spacesheep (http://spacesheep.tv) in France for their fantastic hard work ! I feel incredibly lucky that my art can inspire such talented people, seeing the very first characters I drew for Smokey Town moving and having an adventure is literally a dream come true .

To see the full video check this link : https://vimeo.com/258998279

I’m very proud to be nominated for this year’s Annie Awards on Leap’s for Best production design (with my great team friends) !

Leap was the very first movie I worked on and I surely didn’t expect this.

There is much talents and great projects, this is both very exciting and inspiring .


Teaser poster for The Tales of Smokey Town, my first short animation feature project.

Working hard on my next book !