Smokey Town is a short film I created and directed with the contribution of a bunch of amazing friends.
It's fully 2D animated film with puppet rigs . You can watch the trailer above.

I created and painted all of the environments and characters on the project and did animate the backgrounds.

Smokey Town is a small town were strange things happen. A light thief plan to put the city into darkness by stealing the light of all the inhabitants.
Meet Eagle , the detective who tries to understand his motivation and solve the case.

The rigs were made by Daniela Fischer.

Thanks to stretch and other tricks , it was possible to turn the heads and make it look like 3D.

Pierre-Antoine Moelo (direction & Design)
Daniela Fischer (Animation) :
Thibault "Thost" Libert (Sound Design) :
Fantôme de Rockland (Radio's Music) :

Smokey Town – Early sketches – 2015

Smokey Town had in 2018 a 3D adaptation short film made by the talented teams at SpaceSheep (Annecy, France). A comic book is being currently in development.

Home made short film