The wish tree – 2016

Vasilisa's house worked out sketch - 2014

Vasilisa The Beautiful – Baba Yaga moment – 2014

Vasilisa The Beautiful – color script – 2014

Vasilisa The Beautiful – Baba Yaga’s house – 2014

Vasilisa The Beautiful – Baba Yaga’s house – 2014

Smokey Town

Samurai – Character Design Challenge – 2016

The Islands

The Islands #1 – 2014

The Islands #2 – 2014

The heart of the forest – 2014

Here is a couple of projects I develop aside of professional work :

  • Vasilisa
    Vasilisa the beautiful is a very popular russian fairy tale
    collected by Alexander Afanasyev. Here is a part of the researches I did for an hypothetic animation featured.

  • Smokey Town
    This serie of illustrations tells the adventures of Jonathan the crocodile and his best friend Little Owl.

  • The Islands
    The Islands are a collection of imaginary worlds which are the foundation of a bigger story planed to be release as a book for 2016.

Smokey Town, Vasilisa, The Islands
2013 – 2015