Itinéraire de Voyage - 2013

Itinéraire de voyage is my very first book. It’s an invitation to a spiritual adventure, a poetic tale made of 186 pages. It took me a year to complete it from sketches to production.

The book is limited to 100 copies. Each is personalized with one hand drawn element to make it unique.

Where The Lines Meet - 2014

Where The Lines Meet is my very first artbook . It contains a selection of paintings and sketches from my 2013-2014 paper based and digital sketchbooks.

It’s made of 56 fully colored pages and limited to 200 copies. As for Itinéraire de Voyage, I dealed with every aspect of the project.

I jumped in the adventure of self publishing two years ago.

Itinéraire de Voyage was my very first book adventure, and to my opinion the most personal project I ever did. It was a real initiation to the self publishing complexity and story telling through a physical support.

Where the Lines Meet opened a new way to share my work, as a very first artbook.

I’m curently working on two new book projects, an illustration book and a comic.

Self published books